About Us and how we work to find your competent and reliable employees.

The consulting services of “An-Mary” in the field of Recruitment are providing easy and fast procedure to find the best employees for your company.  In a three week span we will find the best candidates based on your requirements and specifications. Furthermore, using our services will save you time, energy, writing job proposals, meetings with unsuitable candidates and the repentance of the procedure in the case of employee leaving the company.

What are the benefits of using our services?

  1. Warranty period for replacing a candidate.

You can replace the selected candidate in six mounts span from the date the person is hired. In the case of replacing a candidate new six mounts warranty period is provided.

  1. Professional strategies for Recruitment

Searching for candidates using:

  • Traditional channels
    1. Searching through our database for suitable candidates.
    2. Publishing job announcements /Job opportunities/ in job portals and professional networks.
    3. Publishing Job opportunities in our website.
    4. Connecting with suitable candidates found by concurrent Recruitment companies (Subject to further negotiation and payment).
  • Untraditional channels
    1. Publishing paid or free announcements using our pages in social medias as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    2. Publishing information regarding job opportunities in professional groups, blogs, job portals
    3. Providing dedicated phone number for job announcements
    4. Placing request to Labour Offices.

NOTE!!! The company name of our customers is not declared in the published job announcements, except when the customer explicitly specify that the company name must be included.  

  • Professional system for selection and evaluation of candidates

Our company uses mixed system and methodologies for selection and evaluation of your future employees:

  1. Organizing Skype or Viber interviews with potential candidates across the country.
  2. Using professional psychological tests certified in the Republic of Bulgaria to evaluate the candidates.
  3. Testing the candidates using specialized forms, questioners and case studies(if required and applicable).
  4. Validating recommendations.
  5. Creating psychological profiles of the candidates and sending them to you.
  6. Providing complex problems in order to evaluate specific skills in a candidate (if required and applicable).
  7. Scheduling meetings in appropriate time and place with you providing professional, proactive and personal way of work.
  8. Creating accurate profile for a job position based on personal and professional skills.
  9. Providing free consulting regarding the Labour market and appropriate salary amounts.
  10. Offering you a strategy for finding a suitable candidate.
  11. Starting work immediately after signing a contract.

NOTE!!! You will meet only with candidates which have passed our selection and evaluation procedure with satisfying results according to the created job position profile.


What do you gain by working with Us?

By working with An-Mary you are meeting candidates which have passed through our selection system and have agreed in advance with your requirements regarding payment and work location. Furthermore, you receive a free exchange of the candidate in case something is going wrong with the current choice. Moreover, we offer to you free consultation regarding the labor market and appropriate salaries amount. Finally, we guarantee your anonymity to the competition.  


For Employers.

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